Whale Boat Operators Every year Southern Right Whales migrate from their icy feeding grounds off Antarctica to warmer climates, reaching South Africa in June. The coastal waters teem with the giant animals, mating, calving and rearing their young - and giving whale-watchers spectacular displays of raw power and elegant water acrobatics. Considering that whales can be seen from as close as a few metres from the rocky cliffs, Hermanus deserves its title of best land based whale watching in the w... Learn more
Shark Cage Boat Operators Close to the southernmost tip of Africa, 5 miles (8km) out to sea, lies Shark Alley - a favourite hunting ground of the omnipotent Great White Shark. Shark Alley is a channel between Dyer Island and Geyser Rock and is protected from the worst of the southern Atlantic’s weather. Dyer Island, Geyser Rock and Shark Alley are teeming with sea life. Cape Fur Seals, Jackass Penguins and a wide variety of sea birds can be seen, and with all this food around the Great White ... Learn more
Land based Whale Watching Whale watching has earned Hermanus the title of best destination in the world for land-based whale watching. They can be seen from the rocks, cliffpath, vantage points along the coastal roads and at some establishments visitors can enjoy a view of the whales from the veranda or even from their beds! ... Learn more
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