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Heart of Abalone

Join us for a tour of a working abalone farm in the heart of the South African abalone industry, in the coastal town of Hermanus. Learn more

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Website: www.heartofabalone.co.za
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Abalone , also known as Perlemoen, is a shellfish that not only provides a local delicacy that fetches high prices on the local and overseas markets, but is also used to make exquisite mother of pearl jewellery.

Also know as "Walker Bay Gold" this shellfish has been an integral part of life in Hermanus for a number of years. Several Perlemoen Hatcheries have been established in an effort to 'mine' this valuable commodity without putting a strain on the marine environment. 

Heart of abalone offers a unique experience and the tour can be topped-off with a tasting of this delicacy and an opportunity to purchase abalone inspired jewellery designed by Ralph Walton Designs using the rare abalone marbe pearls